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The Focus Chart

So, what exactly is a focus chart? Think of it as your lens's best friend. It helps you understand how your lenses work and ensures your shots turn out the way you want.

If you want to know why you should use a focus chart, check the full blogpost for more information.


Get creative

Customizing the focus chart with your logo or business name not only adds a finishing touch but also enhances its professional appearance. This is particularly advantageous for rental houses managing multiple camera preps.


Bright or dark?

People's preferences vary, so we've created two versions of the focus charts: one with a bright background and the other with a dark background. Both versions maintain the same high quality and performance standards.

If thorough and professional lens testing is crucial for your business, we suggest using the bright variant. It offers higher contrast, which can lead to a slightly improved focus performance.


Our dedication to detail

Every focus chart is meticulously crafted by hand to ensure the utmost quality. With an impressive resolution of 1200 DPI, each intricate detail is captured with precision. The vector-exported PDF format guarantees that no detail will be overlooked when you send it to your nearby print shop.

For in-house printing, we maintain an unwavering commitment to quality. In the realm of top-tier cinema production, dependable tools are indispensable. Our goal is to offer precisely that level of reliability and assurance, without compromising on the quality of our focus charts.


How to mount the charts

Making charts easy to display is a breeze – just get a frame and hang it on the wall. You can find frames online, like on Etsy, for example. When you buy one of our in-house on-demand printed charts, you can choose between paper and 5mm Forex – a tough plastic material. Mounting is a snap with double-sided tape or screws (go straight through the Forex material).

If you prefer, check with your local lithographer – they might offer this service too.

self print

Your print options

To ensure accessibility for all filmmakers while also considering environmental impact, we provide both self-printable and in-house printed focus chart options.

We collaborate with local professional lithographers to offer extremely detailed focus charts with the highest print quality possible. However, considering our European location, shipping charts worldwide might not be the most environmentally friendly option. Therefore, we also offer self-print options. If you have a reputable local print shop nearby, you're likely in good hands. To ensure optimal quality, we've compiled a list of requirements for your print shop:

  • Print resolution of 300 DPI or higher
  • Can print in the size of the chart (A1)
  • Employ professional printing technology for high-contrast output
  • Opt for paper with a weight of 200 g/m2 or more, as heavier paper tends to be more durable.
  • Check for matt paper.

By choosing the self-print option, you not only support local businesses but also contribute to a more sustainable approach. If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out for assistance!

If you want to purchase a focus chart printed in-house, please click the button below.

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