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Graded using the Gemini LUT Bundle

We use our LUTs every day, and the Gemini LUT Bundle is our secret weapon! Curious about the magic it brings to our productions?

Dive into the video below and witness what it can do for yourself!

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Important note:

The LUTs are available in three variants: LOG, Rec.709, and FPE. This means you can apply the Gemini Bundle to a wide range of clips.

It's important to note that the LOG variant is developed using the ARRI Log-C curve as its base. We consider this curve the most universal and suitable for almost all cameras.

For greater control, use the Rec.709 variation in conjunction with the provided Node Tree Powergrade. This allows you to incorporate your preferred input LUT or Color Space Transform specific to your camera. Place these adjustments early in your Node Tree, and at the very end, add the LUT and adjust its intensity.

An important note: the LUTs are very powerful right out of the box. Make sure to dial them down using the Key or Opacity tool. More info can be seen in the supplied mini-course.

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