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In today's digital buzz, everyone's craving captivating video content, and guess who's in the spotlight? Yep, filmmakers like you! If you're all about that filmmaking hustle, now's the time to dive in. Lucky for you, our community's got your back. Why be part of it? Let me break it down:

🌟 Grow Together: The FMC is a bunch of folks who share the love for filmmaking. Connect with others, swap stories, and pick up some wisdom. Whether you're a rookie or a seasoned pro, there's always something cool to discover.

🎬 Stay Updated: Filmmaking gear and techniques never sit still. We've got you covered with the latest trends, industry news, and practical tips. Keep your skills sharp without drowning in info overload.

🤝 Build Connections: Networking is the name of the game. Our space is where you can connect with other filmmakers, potential collaborators, and industry folks. Forge connections that might lead to exciting projects.

🎥 Access Resources: Dive into a pool of resources, from guides to gear recommendations. Whether you're stuck with editing or chasing that perfect shot, our community's got your back.

🌍 Embrace Diversity: Filmmaking is a language we all speak, and our community reflects that. Hang with creators from different backgrounds. Embrace perspectives that'll spice up your storytelling.

💡 Opportunities Await: Explore opportunities within and outside the community. From local events to collaborative projects, there's a bunch of ways to showcase your work.

Ready to roll? Join the FMC, and let's navigate this filmmaking journey together. 🎥✌️

Some exciting features

The FMC is a lively community of like-minded creatives coming together to support one another with the valuable lessons they've gleaned from their careers. At the heart of this community lies a commitment to sharing knowledge, fostering connections, encouraging collaboration, and much more! Whether you're looking to expand your skill set, make meaningful connections, or embark on exciting collaborations, the FMC provides a vibrant space for creatives to thrive together.

Join us as we learn, grow, and create together! 🌟🎨


Both membership tiers come with a user-friendly guide that walks you through the entire community in just 15 minutes. It's a breeze to understand how things work and where to post.

On top of that, 🧡 PLUS members unlock access to the 'Camera Basics for Filmmakers' course—an essential deep dive into the technology, handling, and practical tips of filmmaking. Ideal for newcomers who've never picked up a camera and want some knowledge before they start.

Get ready to elevate your filmmaking game! 🎥✨

This feature is available for 💙 BASIC and 🧡 PLUS Members

Weekly Events

Fridays are the crown jewel in the FMC with our Weekly Events. Picture this: a live gathering where questions find answers, discussions spark creativity, and learning becomes a live experience.

Every Friday is your chance to dive into the heart of the community, ask those burning questions, and engage in dynamic discussions. It's like a virtual film school where knowledge flows freely, and connections are made.

This feature is available for 🧡 Plus Members

The Lounge

The Lounge is where the filmmaking vibes are alive and kicking. We've got the Clubhouse for real-time chats - imagine it as the happening spot for quick, lively discussions.

The Inspiration Feed is like a treasure trove where you can drop and discover works that fueled your creative fire.

Got an awesome project you're proud of? Drop it in "Share Your Work" and soak in the reactions! Need some project advice? Head over to the "Help & Feedback" section for answers. It's all about constructive feedback to make your client say "Yes!" faster than you can say "action"! 🎬

This feature is available for 💙 Basic Members

Jobboard - Find work nearby

We get it – finding gigs as a freelancer can be a real challenge. But fear not! The Jobboard is your golden ticket to landing those projects. It's a hub where opportunities knock, and you can showcase your skills.

For freelancers, this space is a game-changer, offering a platform to discover exciting projects and gigs that match your expertise. It's not just about finding work; it's about connecting with collaborators who share your passion.

Online creators, this is your go-to for building dream teams and bringing your cinematic visions to life. Let the collaborations begin! 🚀🎬

This feature is available for 🧡 Plus Members

Earn together, grow together

Become an FMC Partner

Introducing our Affiliate Program—it's not just a game-changer, it's a community builder! 🚀

Here's the deal: Every new member who jumps on board through your unique affiliate link puts 50% of the revenue in your pocket. Yeah, you heard it right—half the love comes your way!

But it's not just about the moolah. It's about growing our filmmaking family together. Share your link, bring in new faces, and let's make this community thrive!

Keen to dive in? Once you're inside the FMC, you'll find the link in the bottom left corner! 🎬

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We've got two tiers – 💙 Basic and 🧡 Plus – available in both monthly and annual flavors. But here's the kicker: opt for the Annual plan, and we're throwing in 2 months completely free! 🌟

Now, for our business-savvy members, the Annual plan is a game-changer. Imagine the simplicity of just one invoice for the entire year instead of dealing with a monthly stack. Smooth sailing for your accounts! Keep reading to see what's included in each teir!

Stay connected

staying in the loop is a breeze! Just grab the iOS or Android app, and you're good to go in no time.

Logging in for live events, catching up on your favorite threads, and staying connected with your community mates – it's all super easy, wherever you are!