The Future plans of Filmmakers Community

The Future plans of Filmmakers Community

Hi everyone,

Here's a quick announcement for everyone who has shown interest in the Filmmakers Community up until this point.

One year ago, when I launched this initiative, I couldn't have dreamed of the response. Almost eight thousand filmmakers downloaded my grading footage packs and went nuts in the color section of their favorite editing software. This was way beyond my imagination.

I've put a lot (read, a couple of months) of thought into what I want to achieve with this platform. This, and more, you can read in this blog post.

The Plans for 2023

Grading Footage Expansion

For now, I'm pausing my YouTube channel for the remainder of 2023 to focus on building out this platform. I've got videos planned until mid-November, so I'm not entirely gone.

I want to invest this time in collaborating with people who inspire me, getting them on the platform as contributors, and expanding the Grading Footage catalog further. Alongside this expansion, I'm thinking of ways to make it interesting for those spending time collecting footage, managing media, and eventually sharing it here on the platform.

Many of the creators I imagine have great digital products for sale, such as E-books, coaching sessions, LUT packs, and editing tools, among others. I'd like to add these to the platform too. With this, I'd like to generate some passive income for those who contribute to the platform.

I will also be creating a profile page for every contributing creator on the platform to showcase their best work, links to their channels, and much more.

Physical Products

Starting from October 1st, I will also be adding more physical products, such as in-house printed focus charts, custom-made leather camera straps (locally produced by a couple making incredible things out of leather in a sustainable way; Studio Roem), and some other items I've been working on.

This will, of course, take up some of my time, so bear with me. Ha!

The Community

The core of this whole platform (in the long run) will be the community. I'm designing an entire community platform where filmmakers can meet and discuss interesting topics, a place where knowledge is shared, and hopefully, at some point, we'll have weekly live streams with interesting creators, courses on filmmaking, business, freelancing, and much more.

The community will be free to enter, but some of the live streams and courses will be paid (at fair prices) to ensure we can get interesting people onboard!

Ideas for this are more than welcome. Please share them in the comments!


I'm also working hard on events, something I'm currently only doing for The Netherlands, but hopefully, we'll deploy this to the international market sometime soon.

To sum things up:

In a nutshell, I'm working my butt off to get this thing off the ground, which isn't easy. So please have patience. If you're an experienced filmmaker and would like to contribute to the platform, please feel free to contact me!

That's all!

I'm off on holiday with my girlfriend to Indonesia. No laptop comes along, so I will most likely respond in October (out of the office from September 3 - October

- Sjoerd


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Filmmaker, YouTuber & Founder of Filmmakers Community

Sjoerd Wess is a YouTuber and filmmaker who lives in the Netherlands, one of the flattest countries in the world. He initially studied sports but discovered his passion for filmmaking when he started skateboarding at the age of 13. Nowadays, his primary focus is on creating documentaries, national TV series, and thrilling outdoor projects like snowboarding and surfing.

To give back to the filmmaking community, Sjoerd founded the Filmmakers Community. It's a space where people can come together to learn from each other, share their work, clips, knowledge, and much more!